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As it turns out i configured xdebug to show all exceptions, even caught ones… silly me smiley

I found the answer to solve this issue on stackoverflow, after i had been told that it’s _really not_ standard php behaviour by some_people@#freenode:php .

The answer is to set

xdebug.show_exception_trace = Off

Thanks Artefacto for your answer to hide caught exceptions shown by xdebug.


{20101017}   if it is IT i fi

if it is IT i fi

et vice versa

if iT Is it i fi

the jewels you find whilst programming :p

( this was from a comment: “convert $k to a multidimensional array if it is.” )

{20101017}   protocal relative uri

i just came across protocol-relative uri , an example:

instead of `directly` linking to a file in google’s cdn( content distribution network)


it is possible to link to it in a protocol relative way like so:


thanks to Ken Redler, answering a question on stackoverflow.

JaY, i can be even lazier with typing

Okay, it took a few minutes to figure out
but i now have a way to recursively open all `webby`-files
while typing only two letters
in my terminal/command-line/commandprompt/sli/shell/bash/sh/whatever…

To be able to do so i use two aliases
in my ~/.bash_aliases file( which gets sourced in my ~/.bashrc file ).
I use bash on ubuntu and do not yet know if this will work on other boxes…

`webby`-files can mean anything ofcourse, but at this moment it means the following for me:

files ending in : .phtml , .php , .css , .js or .htaccess

The two aliases in ~/.bash_aliases

alias web_files='find . -regex '\''.*\.\(php\|phtml\|css\|js\|htaccess\)'\'' '

alias vw='vim $( web_files )'

c’est tout .

et cetera