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{20080729}   Javascript’s window.onload preceded

As I was loooking for a onload alternative [[g: javascript onload alternative /]] I stumbled upon quite an interesting article by Dean Edwards.

He has a site that previously was unknown to me but seems like quite a resourceful and interesting place to check every once in a while.

Reading through all the comments on that page(and all other related pages) I came across a few other websites and I was especially drawn to the comments Diego Perini made.

I read some more and browsed some more..
Alternations on Dean Edwards’ script:
Article JavaScript File
http://www.cherny.com/webdev/27/domloaded-updated-again http://www.cherny.com/demos/onload/domloaded.js
http://tetlaw.id.au/view/javascript/fastinit http://tetlaw.id.au/upload/dev/fastinit/fastinit.js
http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2007/09/26/shortloaded The javascript is in the article itself.
You are looking or feeling the concluding article right now. I will put my altered .js-file up a.s.a.p..
Comparing different onload alternatives:

I’m a bit lost at the moment in all of this, but I’m hoping this will sum it up nicely:
I will be trying to use the fastinit script with some alterations I picked up from the comments in the articles.

From Dean’s article: (hoping it will work (I cannot test it))
Namely comment 155 by davi.
If that does not work,
I will try this comment by manuel razzari.
And from Rob‘s article:
A comment by Matt Nordhoff.
And maybe Matt’s next comment as well.

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