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{20080422}   OS Development

A friend of mine has pointed me to osdever.net.
A site where you can get a lot of information about Operating System (OS) Development.


yomexzo says:

Recently, I was challenged on my knowledge about operating system development. My lecture gave me an assignment. It says “how does computer architecture affects and informs the development of operating system? In giving your answer, specify with as much detail as possible the relationship between the computer hardware architecture and the operating system development”. I have searched virtually everywhere but no luck. friends, please help me i have to submit the assignment in a couple of days……………………..

willfris says:

I’m sorry to say I cannot really help you with this.

Good luck with the assignment.

To guess at some sort of answer:
You might like think about touchscreens that are becoming more common on laptops these days.
I think such an option in the hardware heavily affects your software.

Besides that, an OS has to know what kind of processor it is talking to(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instruction_set_architecture#ISAs_implemented_in_hardware).

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